California Compliant AR15 Rifles

California Compliant AR15

Ar15’s are still legal to buy and own in California! People come in every day thinking Ar15’s are banned in California, but with a few modifications they are 100% legal. There are two options in California as of now to make them compliant. The first option is to make your AR Featureless. This means, no “assault weapon features” including; no adjustable stock, no pistol grip, no vertical fore-grip (angular fore-grips are compliant), and no flash hider. You can have your normal adjustable stock pinned into place, your pistol grip can be replaced with a few different CA compliant options, and your flash hider can be replaced with a compensator or muzzle break. The other option is to convert it to a fixed magazine rifle. This means you can’t remove the magazine until you break the action of the firearm. With this configuration you can keep all the “assault weapon features” and still be CA compliant. Here at RDL Tactical we stock many different options for both configurations to make your AR California compliant. Stop on in or give us a call with any questions on the laws or options for compliancy.CA AR15

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